After over twenty years of maintaining a community forum, known by many names such as ‘The Bulletin Board’, ‘MWT Board’, ‘MWT Bulletin Board’ and others the time has finally arrived where its continuation is no longer possible.

For the last several years the volunteer efforts to maintain, upgrade, write custom coding for it, have been dwindling.  This has been due in large part to the changing nature of the internet with the need for more and more security, privacy protection and scam detection and the skills to perform this work are simply harder to find on a volunteer basis.  

Over the last 20 plus years a variety of people made financial contributions to hire professionals to make upgrades, pay for software and more.  Nobody ever financially benefited except for the users that found a deal or made a sale.

Turning down the site is a very difficult decision, but now that we’ve suffered a major hardware failure it does seem to be the appropriate time.  

Many thanks go out to Midwest Tel Net for hosting the site for all of these years, Hillsboro Telephone Company and Don Hammer for providing colocation space, Richland Electric Cooperative for giving me the time to fix it when needed, Richland Grant Telephone Cooperative, LaValle Telephone Cooperative and Vernon Telephone Cooperative for providing users with help when they needed it.

Personally, I want to thank the many people that visited the site for all those years and to my family for their understanding during the many nights and hours that I was distracted keeping this effort going.